Secret Message Tools


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Secret Message Tools

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Equip your junior Detectives with the essential tools they need for their investigative adventures. This clever kit offers a unique way for your child to exchange confidential messages with a fellow agent using disappearing and reappearing ink that remains a secret between the two of them.

Within this kit, your young sleuth can utilize two distinct secret pens. One allows them to write messages in invisible ink that becomes hidden once dry, while the other pen works like magic to reveal the concealed information. Not only can it unveil secrets, but it's also perfect for sending a covert reply in the same manner.

This set of special invisible ink pens empowers your child to craft top-secret messages and engage in hours of imaginative play. It even includes valuable tips and tricks for creating other forms of secret communications, expanding their imaginative world of intrigue.

The entire kit is securely packaged in a durable metal tin, making it an excellent addition to your child's spy gear. With these pens in hand, your young detectives are ready to embark on thrilling missions and solve mysteries, all while nurturing their creativity and engaging in hours of imaginative play.

  • 2 - Secret pens
  • 1 - Brush
  • 1 - Petri dish
  • 1 - Notepad
Age Recommendation: 8 - 12 years old