Pastel Boba Drink Keychain with Round Top


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Pastel Boba Drink Keychain with Round Top

Product Details

Carry this adorable keychain featuring a tiny pastle Boba drink, all the way from Japan, wherever you wander. The Japanese have a remarkable talent for meticulously capturing the smallest nuances when they miniaturize beloved items. This tiny cup of joy is a prime example. You'll be amazed by the meticulously proportioned boba, and, upon closer examination, you'll even spot pastel boba "floating" at the top. The attention to detail is such that it appears as if the real thing has been miniaturized by a shrink ray gun. What's more, when you tilt the key charm, you'll observe the liquid of the miniature boba drink playfully sloshing around inside, complete with its round top drink and an itty-bitty straw just like you get at a boba shop – it's a delightful sensory surprise!

Makes a clever party favors, stocking stuffers, and addition to Easter baskets.

Available colors: Blue, pink, purple and orange

Size: 2 x 1 inches