Small Wooden Rocking Arch


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Small Wooden Rocking Arch

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This sustainably-made, fair-trade Small Wooden Rocking Arch made by Mexican artisans can be used as a bridge, boat, balancing board, slide, doll's cradle, and more!

Active, open-ended play builds important gross motor skills in early childhood. This kind of play structure allows children to climb up, down, slide, enter or exit that gives them opportunities to use their bodies in different ways. These experiences will improve their spatial perception that will allow them to comprehend mathematical concepts in the future. In addition, rocking motion strengthens your child's vestibular system that helps them with balance and understanding where their body is in space.

Combine with Reversable Ramp and Slide to create new challenges for your child.

Please Do Not Leave Your Child Unattended

Adult Supervision Required

Place a Non-Slip Mat Under Item for Safety


  • Made of European Birch 
  • Plywood is protected with non-toxic acrylic wood sealant
  • Painted with Water based paints, lead-free, no harmful VOC's
Size: 17 x 17 x 33 inches
Age Recommendation:  1 to 6 years old
Maximum weight: 88 lbs

IMPORTANT! This product is made to order. Processing time is 2 to 3 weeks, plus time in transit to your home.

Same day delivery is not available.


  • Your rocker includes 2 slats slightly narrower than the rest. They are narrow on purpose to create enough in-between space for a ramp. These narrow boards should be placed on the 3rd and 4th spots with the pre-drilled holes that are closer to the edge and facing each other.
  • Before you begin assembly, have a toothpick around to use as tool to align the slats properly before you start screwing them into the side pieces. If the slats are not aligned, the screws will pierce through the wood causing the slats to split.