Twist and Go Spinner


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Twist and Go Spinner

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Give it a spin!

This Twist and Go Spinner is an action-packed portable play space for toddlers and kids. They can use the 10 x 10 inch twister can to sit or stand on for non-stop spinning and twirling which is important for vestibular  and visual tracking development. In addition, it helps to build core strength, early cognitive development, as well as balancing and coordination skills.

With just a slight push off the ground, kids will balance their way around and around, 360 degrees.  It has smooth twisting from start to finish with precision ball bearing action. It features a traction texture on top for sturdy grip.  Use during playtime, watching TV, or any time for a fun workout. Perfect for play inside or out.

Holds up to 175 lbs.

Age Recommedation: 3 - 12 years old