Snappy Tree


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Snappy Tree

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Building fine motor skills is SNAP!

This charming dexerity-building activity is the perfect progressive step for the child who is ready for some finger calisthenics while scratching the cognitive itch in their brain. Each wooden piece has the male half of a snap. The colorful wooden tree houses the snaps' female counterpart. Your child will strengthen eye-hand coordination, as well as their understanding spacial relationships while they snap the pieces onto the tree and pull them off again.  The chunky wooden pieces are easy for little fingers to handle. It builds fine motor skills and finger strength. The double-sided activity cards help with cognitive development as your child can match the patterns shown on the cards.  You can also use this activity to help with color identification, counting, and object identiification all while working on the pincer grip which is the foundation for writing. 

  • Wooden tree
  • 12 Wooden pieces with snaps
  • 3 Double-sided activity cards
  • Durable storage box
Size: 7 inches
Age Recommendation: 3 - 5 years old