Magical Potion Brewing Kit


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Magical Potion Brewing Kit

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Your aspiring Wizard and Witches can brew up a cauldron of sweet, magical potions that they can actually drink with this magical potion brewing kit. In this captivating kit, young minds will embark on an exciting journey guided by the whimsical story of two young wizards-in-training, Randolph and Zelinda.

Follow their illustrated adventures as they concoct a series of magical potions, all of which reveal real scientific phenomena along the way. With this kit, children will brew up five delightful potions, including a fizzing citrus elixir, strawberry "frog's eggs," a color-changing "transmogrification" potion, a slimy chia seed drink, and an "anti-gravity" tonic.

Beyond the enchanting experience, each potion offers valuable lessons in basic chemistry, covering topics such as chemical reactions, polymers, solutions, suspensions, indicators, mixtures, and density. The kit includes a range of essentials, including a plastic cauldron, a versatile magic wand that serves as both a mixing rod and a measuring spoon, ingredient packets, round flasks, a measuring cup, and a 12-page storybook and experiment manual. By blending magic and science, this kit provides a fun and educational path to learning, sparking your child's curiosity and leaving them with a deeper understanding of the wonders of the natural world.


  • 8 - Drinkable experiments packets
    • Fizzing citrus elixir
    • Strawberry “frog’s eggs"
    • Color-changing “transmogrification” potion
    • Slimy chia seed drink
    •  “Anti-gravity” tonic
  • 1 - Plastic cauldron
  • 1 - Measuring cup
  • 3 - Round Flasks
  • 1 - Wand with spoon end
  • 1 - 12-page illustrated storybook manual

Age Recommendation: 8 - 12 years old

  • 2023 Creative Toy of the Year Award Finalist