Wooden Pop-up Toy


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Wooden Pop-up Toy

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This beautiful wooden toy features three adorable characters that pop up and out of the base to keep your little one entertained for hours!  They will be delighted when they press down on the character and send it into the air.  Once all of the animals have sprung out of the base. It is time to put them back in their holes and do it again. Match the color of each character with the corresponding hole in the dragonfly decorated wooden base, each one fits easily and perfectly. It is a fun way to build both gross and fine motor skills, as well as, teaching the basics of engineering to growing brains.

Completely non-toxic. It meets all US and European safety standards.

Age Recommendation: 1 - 2 years old

Size: 6 x 2 x 6 inches

Materials: Solid rubberwood