Natural Cork Space Ship


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Natural Cork Space Ship

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This darling, biodegradable Space Ship stands out for its simplicity, design and also showcases the beauty of cork. This clever space toy is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic toys.  Lightweight and durable, your aspiring Astronaut will be ready for intersteller adventures for years to come.

This toy promotes the development of gross and fine motor skills, cognitive development, imaginative expressions and reasoning.

Elou uses Portuguese knowledge and expertise on handling cork as a raw material to inform the development of their biodegradable products. Elou toys are developed in partnership with some of the most regarded national higher education institutions in Europe, to conceive a developmentally appropriate product line that also complies with the highest quality and safety standards. By producing a 100% natural and recyclable product line, Elou minimizes their ecological footprint and give children an opportunity to engage with toys made from natural materials.

Materials: Cork & Rubber • Packaging: 100% recycled paper
Size: 7 x 5 x 2 inches

Age Recommendation: 1 - 7 years old