Natural Cork Rocket Ship


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Natural Cork Rocket Ship

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This clever Rocket Ship is a beautiful natural toy for budding astronauts, ethically made from sustainable cork and rubber. This rocket can stand upright on its rubber ends and is perfectly sized for children to grasp and launch into the sky towards distant planets. Children will love to lift this toy space ship up into the air, moving it along and making whooshing noises as they go. This eco toy is sure to inspire children to engage in imaginative play as they use it to transport little space explorers and discover new worlds. Light, soft, smooth and tactile, this stylish toy will appeal to children's senses and be a hit with green parents with a passion for design. 

Natural eco toys from Elou are ethically made in Portugal from sustainable, native raw cork. Thoughtfully design to inspire children to play and learn, Elou’s high quality toys are expertly crafted and bring children closer to nature. 

Soft, smooth and light, these natural cork toys are completely compostable and about as sustainable as you can get. Rather than cutting down a whole tree to make wooden toys, the outer layer only is stripped off and in seven years, the cork will have grown back, ready to make new products. Each Elou toy goes back to the deep-rooted tradition of cork growing in Portugal which supports natural habitats that give a home to wildlife.

Materials: Cork & Rubber • Packaging: 100% recycled paper
Size: 9 x 3 x 3 inches

Age Recommendation: 1 - 7 years old