Zig & Go - Chain Reaction Set - 28 pieces


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Zig & Go - Chain Reaction Set - 28 pieces

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Finally a silly chain reaction construction set worthy of Rube Goldberg.  There are thousands of ways that your budding inventor can raise the flag at the end of their wacky gauntlet.  This set includes straight & slotted ramps, hoops, teeter totters, a variety of balls, and dominoes. This set is a fun way to learn STEM concepts such as gravity, force and momentum, and how they can create a chain reaction. 

This incredible set will inspire creativity and build skills like perseverance, STEM problem solving and critical thinking. 

Combine sets from the full range and see how big of a circuit your Junior Rube can create.


  • 28 pieces
  • Instructions

Age Recommendation: 7  - 99 years old (6+ with parental assistance)