Understanding Weight Activity Set


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Understanding Weight Activity Set

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Designed to teach an understanding of relative weights, this balance activity allows children to witness how different weights can be combined to balance the scale. This hands-on approach helps to encode concepts of weight more deeply in the brain and will help lay the foundation of mathematical concepts taught later in school.   16 solid wood weights, made from beech wood, stick to the base with magnets so the pieces don't slide off when experimenting with adding and subtracting weights from each side to find the correct balance 

The blocks are fractions of one another in size and weight: 
4 green = 1 yellow
2 red = 1 blue
1 yellow + 3 green = 1 blue

This allows for children to understand math concepts such as fractions, addition & substraction in a real-world context that they can control through experimentation. Five idea cards are included and are printed on both sides with a total of 10 examples. See how many new ideas, your budding Mathematician can create! Blocks are beautifully colored with water-based paint. 

  • 4 Blue blocks
  • 4 Yellow blocks
  • 4 Red blocks
  • 4 Green blocks
  • 5 Double Sideed activity cards
  • 1 Wooden base
Age Recommendation: 3 - 6 years old