Human Powered Light Bulb


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Human Powered Light Bulb

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Turn your body's natural static charge into a useful light!

Throw on a pair of socks and start dragging your feet around a carpeted floor in a darkened room. 
As you walk over carpet in socks, your feet rub electrons off the carpet, leaving you with a slightly negative static charge. Your static electircity has a huge amount of free electrons that are desperately seeking a partner of the opposite charge. The charge on your body can be more than 10,00 volts, but since the amperage, the power of electricity to do work, is so small, all you feel is a tiny shock when you ground yourself against a metal object. As you hold one of the wires of light bulb, the electrons jump from you to the wire that conducts electricity and lights the bulb. You won't get a shock when you hold the bulb in your hand because the bulb is dissipating the static electricity by turning it into visible light and heat.

The secret to the bulb is creating enough static electricity to power the bulb. If you aren't getting the best results rub a balloon on your head or sweater or wait for a less humid day.

Makes a shocking addition to Easter baskets or stocking stuffers.

  •  1x  Light bulb (3/8 inch)
Age Recommendation: 8 - 99 years old

WARNING: Chocking Hazard - Small Parts - Glass Parts - Not for children under 8 years old