5 Progressive Puzzles - Sea Creatures


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5 Progressive Puzzles - Sea Creatures

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A charming way to build puzzle-building skills, the set of five beautifully-illustrated puzzles for toddlers each with a different number of puzzle pieces. Begin with the 3-piece dolphin puzzle. Once your toddler has mastered it, introduce the 4-piece sea horse puzzle. Continue in this manner until your little one has mastered them all. Then give them an additional challenge by mixing the pieces of more than one puzzle to see if they can sort the pieces and complete each puzzle.

  • DOLPHIN puzzle - 3 pieces
  • SEA HORSE puzzle - 4 pieces
  • FISH puzzle - 5 pieces
  • CRAB puzzle - 6 pieces
  • SQUID - 8 pieces
Package Size: 7 x 5 inches
Age Recommendation: 2 - 4 years old