Sensory Tissue Box


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Sensory Tissue Box

Product Details
This darling Sensory Tissue Box is the developmental toy that you never knew that your child needed. Touch and texture help to build networks in the brain that help with sensory processing. Touch enables children to begin to understand objects.

Babies love pulling tissues out of tissue containers. This product was developed to give infants a safe alternative while providing opportunities to build fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. From grasping to pulling, counting to matching, this stimulating toy will provide endless entertainment.  The box is outfitted with weights that keeps it on the ground and ensures effective play every time.

  • 6 sheer cloth tissues
  • 6 tulle cloth tissues
  • 1 cotton crinkly tissue
  • 1 felt crinkly tissue
  • 1 corduroy crinkly tissue
  • 1 plush weighted tissue box
Developmental skills:
  • Fine motor skills
  • Creativity
  • Visual motor skills
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Tactile
  • Memory
  • Sensory processing
  • Logical thinking
Age Recommendation: 5 months to 2 years old

Sensory Box Size: 10 x 6 x 4 inches

Care: Hand wash in cold water. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry. Air dry only. Flammable - Keep product away from fire.