Squishy Marble Sensory Toy


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Squishy Marble Sensory Toy

Product Details
This super soft, super stretchy dough-like glob is not only fun to play with but also soothing for the senses. With its mesmerizing glass marble look and squishy jelly filling, this colorful squishy will captivate your child’s attention and help them relax. Whether at home, school, in the car, or anywhere else, a single squeeze will transform into countless moments of calm and enjoyment. Perfect for helping your child find their mellow and chill, this sensory toy always returns to its original shape, making it a reliable and delightful companion for sensory play anytime, anywhere.

The random colorful swirls on these jelly balls mean that no two are alike.

Age Recommendation: 3-103
Size: 2.5 inches