Woblii Sensory Ball


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Woblii Sensory Ball

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Your little one learns about the world around them by putting everything in their mouth. This help them utilize all of their senses to experience new things and it provides a “workout” for the oral motor musculature. Mouthing and eventually biting and chewing on things is how your child's tongue, lips, cheeks, and jaw first learn to move and coordinate with each other. It’s also how the mouth muscles strengthen in preparation for eating food and making speech sounds when they are older. In addition, it gets the mouth used to experiencing different textures and sensations, which encourages the transition to solid foods later on. It also important because it help with their sensory integration, as well as a way of calming and self-soothing themself. This sensory toy will provide a your baby with a lot of different tactile experiences with the many different textured nubs. In addition, they can build their pincer grasp and fine motor skills by pressing and pulling the nubbins in and out.

Made from food grade silicone. Dishwasher safe. Makes a thoughtul baby shower gift.

Age Recommendation: 0 - 2 years old

Size: 6 inches