Digital Microscope Eyepiece - 0.3 megapixel


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Digital Microscope Eyepiece - 0.3 megapixel

Product Details
This combination digital camera with built-in 10X eyepiece allows your budding Biologist to preview live color digital images from their microscope on their computer screen via USB port. It fits any standard eyetube (23mm) in place of the usual eyepiece. It is a great way your enthusiastic Naturalist to save, share and email images to friends!

It is also a great way groups to view the same image without having to take turns. In addition, it helps eager young Biologists with severe hyperopia enjoy the micro-world. Perfect for home-school teachers, Boy or Girl Scout Leaders or preparing for your child's classroom or Science Fair presentations.

This camera comes with easy-to-install TS View Digital Imaging Software in order to view, edit and save images.

• TS View software
• 30mm stereo adapter
• USB cord
• Optical micrometer slide (measuring tool)• Microscope not included.

System Requirements:
• Intel Pentium 4-2.6G
• RAM: 512MB
• HDD: 1 GB free space
• USB 2.0 interface
• Compatible with Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Windows 7®.

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