Slide Making Kit


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Slide Making Kit

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Outfit your curious Micro-Explorer with this Slide Making Kit so they can continue their exploration of everything microscopic. This kit comes equipped with all of the supplies for them expand their in-home lab and to make their own discoveries. It makes a perfect pairing with the Duo Scope or Mini Duo Scope.

Micro Hatchery® Includes:
• (2) Prepared Slides
• (10) Glass Slides
• (12) Cover Glasses
• (12) Statical Slide Covers
• (12) Labels
• Vial of Eosins
• Vial of Shrimp Eggs
• Vial of Methylene Blue
• Vial of Sodium Chloride
• (2) Collecting Vials
• Tweezers
• Dropper
•Stirring Rod
• 3x and 6x Magnifier
• Safety Goggles
• Instruction Manual
• Ages 10+