Mini Duo Scope


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Mini Duo Scope

Product Details
This award winning two-purpose microscope, designed and manufactured by professionals in the field of microscopy, comes with a special lens coating to improve viewing clarity that other toy microscopes do not have. Dual lighting allows your Junior Naturalist to examine specimens such as blood cells and organ tissue on real microscope slides AND view small solid objects, such as plants, coins and insects. It may be a toy, but it works like the "Real McCoy".

Help your inquisitive youngster explore a new dimension of the world through the lens of a microscope. We offer your budding scientist a dual purpose microscope that is certain to spark his/her interest in science without breaking the bank. Accessory kit has more than 40 assorted accessories for hours of scientific fun.

• Brine Shimp Eggs Specimen Vial
• 1 Yeast Specimen Vial
• 3 Empty Specimen Vial
• Graduated Cylinder
• 8 Blank Slides
• Hatchery
• Specimen Slicer
• Prepared Slides
• 8 Slide Labels
• 8 Cover Slips
• Plastic Transfer Pipet
• Magnifying Glass
• Plastic Forceps

Microscope Features:
• 10X eyepiece - 4X, 10X, 40X Objectives
• 40X, 100X & 400X Magnification
•Specially coated lens
• Dual focusing knobs
• 2 LED lights - above and below
• 3 AA batteries required
• Ages 6+