Petri Dish & Agar Kit


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Petri Dish & Agar Kit

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Culture bacteria or small mosses!

Use this amazing hands-on science experiment to help your junior Scientist gross out their family and friends as they show off what bacteria they have grown in their petri dish. Bacteria can be grown from simple household items such as swabbing the bacteria from someone's mouth, a toilet handle, or a door knob and then growing the bacteria over time in their petri dish with added agar. 

This Petri Dish and Agar Kit is essential for conducting science bacteria experiments for science fair projects. The set includes 2 - two inch Petri dishes and 2 - 3g Agar mixture packs along with tweezers. They are essential hands-on tools as part of your junior Scientist's at home lab to conduct bacteria experiments, projects, and studies.  Perfect for the homeschool student.
  • 2 - 2 inch petri dishes with lids
  • 2 - 3g packs of powdered Agar
  • 1 - Tweezers
  • Instructions on how to conduct bacteria science experiments

Age Recommendation: 9 - 99 years old