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Duo Scope

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One microscope. Two functions. The Duo-Scope has two light sources that allow this professional quality microscope to magnify both slides and solid objects! Your Junior Scientist can view slides, coins, plants, stamps, insects, jewelry, rocks, minerals and more.

This microscope has the functionality of a basic biological scope to look at specimens on a slide and a traditional stereo or dissecting microscope to view solid objects at lower power.This provides an economical way to study the world using one microscope. Designed and manufactured by professionals in the field of microscopy.

Cordless battery power makes it possible for field study. Accessory kit has 50 assorted accessories for hours of fun scientific research.

• 5 blank slides
• 1 concavity (well) slide
• 4 prepared slides
• 2 bottles of stain
• Forceps
• Plastic test tube
• Plastic Petri dish
•And more!

Microscope Features:
• 10X eyepiece - 4X, 10X, 40X Objectives
• 40X, 100X & 400X Magnification
• Real optical glass lenses
• Dual focusing knobs
• 2 LED lights - above and below
• 3AA batteries required
• Ages 10+