Fledglings' Flight 3-Month Trial Premium Membership



Fledglings' Flight 3-Month Trial Premium Membership

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Every child develops differently.

That is why Fledglings' Flight app and subscription box is tailored your child's needs. Unlike other developmental toy subscription boxes who give every child the same box of stuff, Fledglings' Flight tailors your child's monthly "Toolbox" to their unique needs whether they are delayed, advanced, on-track, or asynchronous.
The Fledglings' Flight app features milestone tracking, resource library, as well as screen-free, play-based exercises. Premium membership includes a monthly Toolbox with exercise supplies, as well as 2 to 4 skills-based toys tailored to your child's needs. We won't overwhelm you with too many toys that you have to find space for. We send just enough to keep your child challenged.

Purchase a 3-month trial of our subscription boxes to set up your child with success.

$60/month. You are billed monthly for the length of your subscription.

  • 812 Milestones
  • 4280 Play-based exercises
  • 1200+ Articles on child development
Access the app from any device.