Pre-order Fledglings' Flight Basic Membership



Pre-order Fledglings' Flight Basic Membership

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Knowing what’s best for your child isn’t always easy. We’re here to help.

Set your baby up for success as soon as they are born when you pre-order Fledglings' Flight Basic membership.  You can track all of your baby's milestones and engage with your baby with screen-free, play-based exercises on Fledglings' Flight app that will build critical brain connections. In addition, you have access to research papers and articles on child development saving you 100s of hours of research at your fingertips.

By pre-ordering Fledglings' Flight, your Basic Membership will be waiting for you as soon as your baby is born. Simply active your account with your unique activation code once your baby is born and learn the most meaningful ways to interact with your child the first day of life. 

  • 812 Milestones
  • 4280 Play-based exercises
  • 1200+ Articles on child development
Access from any device.

$2 per month ($24 per year).   You will pay for your full year in advance. Cancel at any time and we will refund the remaining balance.