Natural Rubber Teether - Mushroom


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Natural Rubber Teether - Mushroom

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This soft and soothing mushroom is has a secret.  It is a teether made from natural rubber. This sustainable and eco-friendly material is harvested from Malaysian Hevea trees without harming the tree. This type of teether is one of only a few teethers on the market that are biodegradable. 

Your baby can get their chomp on with this darling mushroom that can easily be attached to a pacifer clip or tied to a stroller activity bar. They can explore different ways to soothe their sore gums by chewing on the mushroom's cap or stem. Giving your baby different shapes and texture builds critical connections in the brain. Add other natural rubber teethers like the Banana or Raspberry, and one or more of the teething bracelet to maximized your child's sensory experiences.

A portion of the proceeds of the sale of these natural rubber products goes to fund We The Reefs that will directly protect and restore the world's coral reefs by planting more than 1 million corals.

No Holes = No Mold


  • Made with 100% natural rubber from Malaysian Hevea trees
  • Soft, easy to grasp, and safe to chew
  • Stimulates baby's senses and soothes teething gums
  • Hand painted with safe, natural food graded dyes
  • Safe for kids, non-toxic. Certified by Bureau Veritas. PVC, BPA, Phthalates, and Nitrosamines free
  • No holes prevent the presence and growth of bacteria and mold when air dried between uses
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Use as a teether or bath toy
  • Socially responsible - A portion of the proceeds goes to help fund the education of underprivileged kids in India. 

Care Instructions:

  • To clean, simply wipe your toy with soapy water and a damp cloth
  • Store in a dry place. If left on the side of a bath or on tile that may be slightly wet or moist, the toys will start to mold (like any natural products). Air drying between use, is recommended.
  • Do not leave the toy in direct contact with sunlight or any artificial light for long periods of time, as the color may fade away
  • Remove packaging and all tags before giving the toy to your child
  • Do not sterilize

Size: 3 x 3 x 3 inches 

Age Recommendation: 0 - 12 months old


Please note: All designs are hand crafted and hand painted one by one by skilled artisans with natural pigments. Small imperfections are what make each toy unique. There are no two alike!