Spy Gear - Pocket Metal Detector


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Spy Gear - Pocket Metal Detector

Product Details

When your junior gumshoe is on the trail searching for clues, having the right tools is essential for any detective. Equip them with the Pocket Metal Detector, a trusty companion for uncovering metallic objects during their investigations. Whether they are exploring indoors or out, this spy gadget is designed to pinpoint metallic objects hidden beneath fabric, paper, or a shallow layer of soil. With its ability to detect metal through various materials, it alerts your aspiring shamus with a clear audible beep whenever it senses something of interest. Let your child's detective journey begin with the Pocket Metal Detector as their trusty companion!


  • Uncover buried treasures, reveal hidden evidence, and unearth concealed clues
  • Search for metallic evidence, coins, clues, and treasure
  • Alarm sounds when metal objects are detected
  • Adjust sensitivity with a simple turn of a knob


  • Pocket metal detector
  • Metal storage tin
  • 8-page manual

Batteries Required: AAA (2)

Age Recommendation: 8 - 12 years old